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Newbury District Field Club

Founded in 1870 the Field Club is Newbury's local history society with additional interests in all aspects of the Newbury district's archaeology, natural history, geology etc. newbury local history

The Club meets on afternoons (2nd Friday of the month) between October and April with Summer excursions to places of interest.


An additional programme of evening meetings (Newbury History Group) is held on theĀ 4th Tuesday of the month, opening up the Club to prospective members who are unable to attend afternoon meetings and to promote interest in the history of the area.



General Data Protection Regulation 2018

The Club is committed to protecting the personal data it holds in line with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations. A full copy of the Club's Data Protection Privacy Notice, which details the personal data held by the Club and the uses to which it may be put can be downloaded HERE.


The Club will never share personal contact information of any sort with any other individual or organisation except for a few members in circumstances where such sharing has been previously agreed (see Data Protection Privacy Notice).


The Club website does not use cookies or record usage. The Club does occasionally refer to the anonymous site analytics supplied by our Internet Service Provider.


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This website does not use cookies.

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